Being a child of the 60’s one can’t help but think back of some of the great films that exploded from that era, Mickey One, and The Chase and of course, Bonnie and Clyde.  All were from the capable hands of Arthur Penn who cut his teeth in the golden era of (live) television drama in the 50’s and came full circle in the last ten years supervising LAW & ORDER.

Bonnie and Clyde was not an easy sell for the studios and mainstream critics but it’s youth-oriented anti-authoritarian message became a touchstone for the emerging counter culture of the 1960’s and made way for a new generation of filmmakers:

“Mr. Penn was perceived as a major film artist on the European model, opening the way for a group of star directors — including Robert AltmanTerrence MalickBob Rafelson and Hal Ashby — who were able to work with comparative artistic freedom through the next decade. The “film generation” had arrived.” quote from Dave Kehr in The New York Times

- Scott Arundale

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