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3D Nightclub at NAB

Vegas Clubs continue to offer the latest state-of-the art and over-the-top stimulation.  I recall when I worked at Limelight and The Ritz in N.Y.C back in the ’80s we created what was referred to as video “wallpaper”.  We had two 3/4″ Umatic video decks and a switcher! Today, if you are a V.J. you can purchase Loop Packs from  It appears that club promoters and artists have now reached a truly immersive experience.

“Captain EO” Returns to Disneyland

One of the longest running narrative theme-park attractions has returned to Disneyland after 13 years.

Captain EO“, starring Michael Jackson, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, produced and written by George Lucas. The short musical was shot in stereo and projected in anaglyph 70mm.

Captain EO Poster

–Tashi Trieu

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