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James Cameron shows off his Pace rig

Roxio embraces 3D for the home

I’ve always been partial to their burning software but I am curious to know what exactly they bring to the table in terms of innovative 3D software or gear.

Roxio is touting the Roxio Cineplayer 3D.

“Roxio CinePlayer 3D enables you to enrich the home PC or notebook experience with the best in high-definition and 3D entertainment playback. Roxio’s latest multi-media player supports the playback of a wide range of 3D video file formats, as well as Blu-ray 3D titles and 3D DVDs. Once available, Roxio CinePlayer will even support the playback of 3D entertainment delivered digitally from Roxio CinemaNow-powered services. In addition to supporting the playback of commercial 3D entertainment, Roxio CinePlayer enables the conversion of standard 2D such as DVDs and personal home movies into 3D.

Roxio CinePlayer 3D delivers the power of 3D cinema to the PC. Eye-popping, realistic 3D entertainment made easy with support for a complete array of hardware configurations including a range of graphics cards and display technologies. The player supports passive polarized and active shutter technologies and is compatible with emerging TV formats.”

Looks like something Apple and Quicktime should be offering but got beaten to the punch.

Disney signs 3D deal with Imax

After successul runs with films like Alice in Wonderland and A Christmas Carol, Disney has penned a new deal with Imax to bring three new 3D titles to the huge screens next year.

A new animated feature called Mars Needs Moms will be the next Disney title to get Imax screenings. That’s planned for a March 2011 release.

Later in the year, Disney will bring the latest Pirates of the Caribbean title, “On Stranger Tides” as well as the Pixar sequel Cars 2, to Imax 3D.

“The Imax experience adds another level of impact and excitement to a movie, and with these new films, made by some of the industry’s most innovative filmmakers, audiences are in for are real treat,” said Walt Disney Studios president of distribution Chuck Viane.

Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3 is currently playing in 180 Imax theaters across the country. Those screens alone brought in $8.4 million of the film’s $110 million total opening weekend sales.


It’s about time! RealD glasses for kids

Just in time for summer movie season, RealD Inc. announced today that kid-sized RealD 3D glasses will be available nationwide in the USA and Canada beginning June 18 at theatres showing Disney●PIXAR’s “Toy Story 3.” Sealed in individual packaging to ensure they are sanitary and quality assured, kid-sized RealD 3D glasses are smaller versions of standard RealD 3D cinema glasses and designed to fit children 8 years of age and under. Kid-sized RealD 3D glasses are already available in select international markets.

Rebuttal: They are not “just in time” as my family watched the latest Shrek movie and they did not offer kid sized glasses but still managed to charge a premium for them.  Also, I’m not one for focussing on germs.  In fact I could care less as I wash my hands frequently and reach for the latest anti-bacterial gel that is placed around the facility.  But I’ve opened up those “sealed bags” and placed the RealD glasses on my head and I’ve noticed on more than on occasion that there are smudges on the lenses.  The Italian government has even gone so far as to label these recycled frames a health hazard.  So when a vendor has gone out of there way to make claims that these are “clean and fresh”, it gives me pause to think.


Children’s Inter-Ocular distance is much shorter than adults.  Their eyes are set shorter apart.  Therefore they can not perceive 3D in the same manner as grown-ups.  Hell, they may not even be aware of depth perception and possibly may not care!  I came home one day to find my kids watching the Hannah Montana Concert movie in 3D wearing the anaglyph glasses but I noticed that the 2D disc was loaded.  It did not stop them from watching the movie nor did they complain.  The same could be said for just about any defective piece of software such as CD-ROM game that performs badly.  Children simply discard them and move on.  I wonder if 3D will accelerate the notion that all entertainment is disposable, like the glasses.

-Scott Arundale

3D Guru Lenny Lipton says it is over for 2D

At the closing keynote address on Monday’s 3DNext Summit in Culver City, the so-called father of 3D cinema predicted the end of  mono viewing.  Lenny Lipton, who also wrote the lyrics to the legendary Peter, Paul and Mary classic “Puff the Magic Dragon”, spelled out the demise of 2D cinema.

“People won’t admit it, but it’s all over for 2D cinema,” said Lipton, who holds more than 40 patents in the field of stereoscopic cinema and wrote the book “Foundations of Stereoscopic Cinema” in 1982. “And it’s not for creative reasons.  It’s for business reasons.”

Businessmen in the entertainment industry, Lipton said, have always embraced “new modalities” that allow them to increase prices. “There are remarkable parallels between the introduction of the sound cinema and the stereoscopic cinema,” he said, displaying a chart that also included the innovations of motion, sound, color, widescreen and stereoscopic presentations.

“In every case, exhibitors are able to charge more money. And that’s why 3D cinema isn’t going away.

“You can’t turn off color, you can’t turn off sound, you can’t turn off 3D, and you can turn off the up-charge.”

After working with RealD, Lipton has founded a new company Oculus3D which has gone out of its way to find an affordable solution to the 3D paradigm.  Oculus has developed a 3D theatrical format that can use 35 mm projectors rather than requiring the more expensive digital projection equipment.

His stats: outfitting 100 screens with digital 3D costs $1.5 million, while 100 screens using the Oculus 3D 35 mm technology runs $230,000.

Video Flashback: Fifty Years Later, Radical as Ever: Godard’s ‘Breathless’

Indie Wire revisits a classic movie that inspired a generation of new filmmakers

Breathless (1959) starred Jean Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg and started a revolution that spawned a number of movie critics’ careers.  Hell, it spawned a number of college courses in film as well.  Jean-Luc Godard went on to direct the cyber punk classic Alphaville (1964) that influenced filmmakers throughout the rest of the 20th century and beyond.

“The radicalism of both “Breathless” and its maker haven’t changed. When the 79-year-old director recently premiered “Film Socialism” at Cannes (and mysteriously ditched out on the festival at the last minute), critical reactions were all across the map: Angry, frustrated, fascinated. “Breathless” did that upon its release in 1960, and still does it to this day.”

Sony EX3 prototype 3D camcorder

Endgadget reveals what may be strong competition to the Panasonic entry level offering for 3D stereo imaging.

Ben Franklin C note has gone 3D. Even the Feds get into the act.

In an effort to foil counterfeiters, the new $100 bill features a 3D band.
U.S. Government Unveils New Design for the $100 Note

Example of a 3D Broadcast Rig

James Mathers of DCS talks to Larry Thorpe about the use of Canon lens in 3D production

Nintendo announces 3DS

It seems like only yesterday that Nintendo upgraded the DS to DSi, adding a camera and wifi capability to it’s wildly successful handheld gaming device, much to the chagrin of parents like myself of two young girls (6 & 8).  My kids always want the latest and greatest and when they learn that the DS is moving into stereoscopic display (and does not require glasses), they likely will be clamoring for one. This means we will have three different models in use around the house, each with a non-matching  power supply. Yikes!  At least they are backward compatible.  Likely the newest offering will utilize parallax barrier or lenticular-based auto-stereo display with head tracking display.  A sampling of the newest device is shown here:

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