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Apple develops bold new app for its devices: iClutter

If you treasure your iPhone and iPad, then are you willing to be bombarded with increased advertising on those handhelds?

Samuel Axon talks about the new iPhone and OS 4.0 and why the term “Rich Media”  is really about finding new ways to advertise goods and services to the unwitting public.

Now it becomes more clear why Flash content is not supported and a push towards HTML5 scripting language is so e$$ential for Apple.

“I lost my iPhone and then I lost my job” admits Apple staffer

Never having lived in Silicon Valley, I can’t say how cutthroat the competition is there. They’ve got the brightest minds, toting the very latest in hardware innovations. However there is a ripple effect when a piece of technology goes missing.  The NY Times reveals how much a lost iPhone is worth especially when it is a market prototype containing some new and interesting features.

Gizomodo paid a King’s Ransom for it.

UPDATE: 4.20.10

Gawker, publisher of Gizmodo may be liable for civil and criminal charges in buying stolen property.

Meanwhile,  Jim at MarketSaw speculates on a bold new App that the iPhone may be one day supporting, using a special pair of glasses to deliver 3D content.  Heads up display, anyone?

UPDATE 4.28.10

The Official Verdict from Jason Calacanis who knows Gawker and Gizmodo and has a strong opinion on the case which has generated heat from the law.

iPad users whine: “Where’s my flash video content?”

I’d be happy simply being able to watch video on my iPhone Facebook page. But even if it was Flash equipped,  AT&T’s network is not up to the task of streaming video effectively.

For all the talk about Apple pushing towards a more open method of sharing video using HTML5,  Dan Rayburn reminds us:

“Apple’s decision not to support Flash on their devices is purely a business decision…”

RED Digital Cinema: NAB 2010

Despite the hassle at the door, one Red User got in and provided valuable insight as to the future of Red and it’s lightweight iteration, Epic.

12 Top Broadcasters Join Up To Develop Mobile Content Service

Nikki Finke observes that a cartel has formed to deliver media to automobiles and handheld devices

Apple remains above the fray at NAB

All this week, I’ve been wondering what will be the next announcement from Cupertino and why aren’t they here?  I’ve enjoyed using the NAB iPhone app that lists the Exhibitors and pushes daily notices about events. Despite the din around the halls, I’m waiting for Apple to chime in.

Two things have emerged one having to do with 3D: reports on Apple’s Patent Pending ‘iSpecs’.

The other is a party they got going on at the Renaissance on Wednesday.

3D Digital Summit Day 2

Digital Cinema (including 3D) Roll-out:  A Status Report

Moderator, Michael Karagosian (MKPE Consulting) reports we are in year 11 in digital cinema rollout.  This year 33 titles will be in 3D.  All current growth in screens in the U.S.  is currently fueled by 3D.  But Asia and Europe are seeing the most expansion of 3D screens. Michael Lewis (RealD) warned that “Bad 3D” could really slow down the movement.  AMC, Cinemark and Regal Cinemas have formed a consortium (DCIP) and raised $660 million towards the deployment of 16,000 new 3D screens. Oleg Berezin (Neva Film) described the Russian exhibition paradigm where less than half the Russian films released on 35mm did not recoup their P & A while digital and 3d releases are considered  the golden goose. Peter Wilison of the European Digital Cinema Forum (EDCF)  portrayed the European theatrical system as healthy and growing, despite the fractious nature of the EU community.  There are 31,00 screens across Europe (excluding Russia and Ukraine) of which 8,000 are 3d equipped.

Technical Issues for 3D Digital Cinema

Richard Welsh of Dolby Labs talked about the essential nature of metadata particularly when cueing subtitles, although they must be rendered or baked into the picture.  Subtitles should to be placed in front of the action so as not to clash with the action plane.  However when there is a dynamic move as shown in the Alice in Wonderland segment with the Cheshire Cat floating towards the audience, so too must the subtitles shift to match the plane. Clearly reading subtitles are going to be a son of a bitch in 3D, however the two multi-depth credit cards looked really hot in the Alice trailer.

Production and Projection Techniques for Immersive Media

Siegfried Foessel talked about panoramic cinema featuring about to 12 x 2K cameras shooting in a half circle.  He also showed one of the most stunning short clips featuring a Peregrine attack above the city of London and co-produced by the BBC.

The Keynote Speaker, John Honeycutt (Discovery Channel) was the high point of the day as he unveiled Sony’s new 3D camera which I am sure will cause a sensation on the floor of the convention this week.  Some of the specs were outlined such as 3-inch CMOS sensors per eye, Full HD (1920×1080), interchangeable lenses, convergence control and full metadata support. Discovery will be conducting field tests of  the “Concept” prototype this July. The reaction from the house was palpable.

Can there (ever) be a Common Worldwide 3D-TV Broadcast Standard?
When the SMPTE engineers came out after lunch to repeat everything we had been hearing for the last two days, I started to nod off. So I will leave it to Debra Kaufman to fill us in on the details.

How many DS do you own?

UPDATE 5.23.10

Marketsaw’s analysis of the latest patent motherboard for the upcoming 3DS.  We are looking at Wi-Fi along with stereo speakers and drum-roll please: backward compatibility!  Expect a June 15 announcement for rollout during the Christmas season.

UPDATE: 5.10.10

The Associated Press reports on Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata’s comments in an interview on the imminent release of Nintendo 3DS.  Piracy was the number one issue that Nintendo plans to address followed by the health and safety issues of the user.   The new model will be demonstrated at E3 this June to be held in Los Angeles.

It seems like only yesterday that Nintendo upgraded the DS to DSi, adding a camera and wifi capability to it’s wildly successful handheld gaming device, much to the chagrin of parents like myself of two young girls (6 & 8).  My kids always want the latest and greatest and when they learn that the DS is moving into stereoscopic display (and does not require glasses), they likely will be clamoring for them. This means we will have three different models in use around the house, each with a non-matching  power supply. Yikes!  At least they are backward compatible as we have made a sizeable investment in the games. Likely the newest offering will utilize parallax barrier or lenticular-based auto-stereo display with head tracking display.  A sampling of the newest device is shown here and is due this time next year.

- Scott Arundale

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