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3D Entertainment and Technology Festival is free to the public

The 3D Experience, New York’s first Annual 3D Entertainment and Technology Festival, today announced the presenters lineup for the Executive Forum. To kick off the three day event, key industry leaders and professionals will converge at the AMC Empire 25 Theaters in Times Square on Sept. 24 for a day packed with informative keynotes, presentations and panels encompassing the full spectrum of the 3D industry.

“The Executive Forum brings together industry pioneers and newcomers to take the pulse of the rising 3D industry and learn to navigate the ever-changing entertainment and technology landscape,” said Nino Balistreri, managing director for The 3D Experience. “3D has altered the way consumers experience digital content and will continue to push the limits of creativity. The 3D Experience will be an incubator for enduring partnerships and new revenue opportunities.”

The inaugural Executive Forum features a dynamic lineup including an all-industry address by Phil McKinney, vice president and chief technology officer, HP, followed by presentations from Ken Venturi, chief creative officer & EVP, National CineMedia, Robert H. McCooey, Jr., senior vice president of new listings and capital markets, NASDAQ OMX, Richard Gelfond, CEO, IMAX, Jim Chabin, president, International 3D Society, and David Beal, president, National Geographic Entertainment. These key industry veterans will cover the emergence of 3D in recent years, its financial impact, how to take advantage of its robust growth and thrive in this exciting, uncharted territory.

3D technology experts and industry creatives from Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, RealD, 3ality, 3D Eye Solutions, Legend 3D, Motorola, Technicolor and more will delve into a broad range of topics including home entertainment, broadcast, video games, sports, post-production conversion of 2D to 3D, 3D’s future in advertising and filmmaking. Of note, Adweek’s award-winning advertising critic, Barbara Lippert, will moderate “Getting Ahead of 3D for Advertising Professionals,” a panel geared toward marketing and advertising executives who are experimenting with 3D technology. In addition, IMS Research’s Anna Hunt, principal analyst, will present on “The Elusive Consumer and Expectations for 3D in the Home.”

The 3D Experience Executive Forum attendees will be offered unparalleled networking opportunities through the NASDAQ Opening Night VIP Reception presented by LG, VIP film screenings, dinner reception and the highly-anticipated 3D TV Test Drive. For the latest more information on the speaker lineup and panels, please visit: Speakers.

The Executive Forum is targeted at industry professionals, but The 3D Experience will engage entertainment enthusiasts and general consumers alike by simultaneously presenting the 3D Consumer Showroom at the Discovery Times Square Exposition from Friday, Sept. 24 to Sunday, Sept 26. Hosted by Best Buy, the Consumer Showroom will be free and allow visitors to interact with a myriad of 3D products from 3D TVs, gaming systems, home theatre accessories and more. Showroom hours are Friday, September 24, noon-8pm; Saturday, September 25, 10am to 8pm; and Sunday, September 26, 10am to 6pm. To enrich the festival weekend, AMC Theatres Empire 25 will feature screenings of classic and recent 3D blockbusters. For an up to date schedule of screenings, please visit:

About The 3D Experience
The 3D Experience is committed to creating large-scale interactive programs that bring together leading minds, leading products and leading experiences. Event Partners for The 3D Experience include NASDAQ OMX, Best Buy, National CineMedia, IMAX, AMC and Discovery TSX. Sponsors include LG Electronics USA, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc., 3ality Digital, Panasonic, NVIDIA, AT&T, Northern Lights Entertainment, 3D Eye Solutions, BodySound Technologies, Texas Instruments, RealD, 3DMedia, Jump 3D, Hello Charlie and Passmore Lab. Supporters include National Geographic Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Red Bull Records, IMS Research and International 3D Society. The 3D Experience is produced by e5 Global Media, a diversified company with leading assets in the media and entertainment arenas. For more information and to register for The 3D Experience visit Connect with The 3D Experience on Facebook at and Twitter at

Obama Disses iPod, iPad, Xbox, Playstation

Obama Disses iPod, iPad, Xbox, Playstation.

We refer to our current crop of students where I teach at Chapman, as the “millenials”.  They have mastered the social networking scene, they want their information 24/7 and up to the minute, and it is easier to raise them on Facebook then have them pick up the phone.  After four years, it is our goal to have shown them how visual storytelling is an effective tool to communicate and I think it is working.

I continue to canvass my students to get a sense if they are “distracted” or have short attention spans.  I’ve notice the abbreviated term “ADD” is something we all use but it was never known to be a common ailment until today. I think we can all admit that multi-tasking is required to get through the day and brevity in terms of communicating is always welcome.

We can look at this time and place and compare it to the beginning of the last century when the countryside was being electrified and the telephone was becoming a common appliance.  How did the advent of technology affect society then?  How did we manage to get through the day before without a phone answering machine, fax machine or pager?

- Scott Arundale

The Leading Edge is the Bleeding Edge. Not enough content in 3D reports on how to use your spanking new 3D display for PC gaming using the new HDMI 1.4(a) specs.  Samsung is leading the way with Panasonic and Sony nipping on their heels.  It will take awhile for feature films and TV to fill the gap which leaves gaming to be the first to the dance.

UPDATE 5.10.10

Michael Grotticelli notes in Broadcast Engineering:

“For those with a 3-D TV, there’s virtually nothing to watch right now. In June, limited programs begin, and the choices will be slim. So make no mistake, when you walk into a Best Buy or other retailer and see the promise of watching 3-D in your living room, those are just promises for the future.”

UPDATE 5.13.10

James Cameron in remarks he made at the Seoul Digital Forum bemoaned the lack of 3D content stating: “If you play all the 3-D movies in existence on your fancy new 3-D TV, it will keep you entertained for about 3 days. This content gap is the biggest hurdle for the rapid adoption of 3D TV.” He still regards 3D as the “premium viewing experience” which  will become the mainstream format for filmed entertainment in the next twenty years.

Less is more. Sony PS3 moves from 1080p to 720p to accomodate dual images.

Hard core gamers will recognize that promises are yet to be kept when Sony realized it could not deliver adequate stereo images in 1080p and so is downscaling to 720p.  But this makes sense as most sporting events on television require a lot of transient fast motion (usually in 720p).  The firmware update is not out yet.  Stay tuned.

How many DS do you own?

UPDATE 5.23.10

Marketsaw’s analysis of the latest patent motherboard for the upcoming 3DS.  We are looking at Wi-Fi along with stereo speakers and drum-roll please: backward compatibility!  Expect a June 15 announcement for rollout during the Christmas season.

UPDATE: 5.10.10

The Associated Press reports on Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata’s comments in an interview on the imminent release of Nintendo 3DS.  Piracy was the number one issue that Nintendo plans to address followed by the health and safety issues of the user.   The new model will be demonstrated at E3 this June to be held in Los Angeles.

It seems like only yesterday that Nintendo upgraded the DS to DSi, adding a camera and wifi capability to it’s wildly successful handheld gaming device, much to the chagrin of parents like myself of two young girls (6 & 8).  My kids always want the latest and greatest and when they learn that the DS is moving into stereoscopic display (and does not require glasses), they likely will be clamoring for them. This means we will have three different models in use around the house, each with a non-matching  power supply. Yikes!  At least they are backward compatible as we have made a sizeable investment in the games. Likely the newest offering will utilize parallax barrier or lenticular-based auto-stereo display with head tracking display.  A sampling of the newest device is shown here and is due this time next year.

- Scott Arundale

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