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Comcast CEO unveils jumbo remote using Apple iPad

It is fully expected that the other cable operators will follow suit.

FCP vs. Avid – One veteran editor checks out

Edgar Burcksen, A.C.E. provides insight on why he will no longer be editing projects on Final Cut Pro.

The fine people in Tewkesbury appear to have gotten their heads out of the sand as witnessed by the above demonstration at NAB 2010 in support of Avid v.5 (release timed for later this year).

UPDATE: 5.8.10

The firestorm continues in the blogosphere and one wonders if Avid has furnished some mu$cle here to bash the opponent. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but hey, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you or as Rodney King might ask: “Can’t we all just get along?”


Apple develops bold new app for its devices: iClutter

If you treasure your iPhone and iPad, then are you willing to be bombarded with increased advertising on those handhelds?

Samuel Axon talks about the new iPhone and OS 4.0 and why the term “Rich Media”  is really about finding new ways to advertise goods and services to the unwitting public.

Now it becomes more clear why Flash content is not supported and a push towards HTML5 scripting language is so e$$ential for Apple.

“I lost my iPhone and then I lost my job” admits Apple staffer

Never having lived in Silicon Valley, I can’t say how cutthroat the competition is there. They’ve got the brightest minds, toting the very latest in hardware innovations. However there is a ripple effect when a piece of technology goes missing.  The NY Times reveals how much a lost iPhone is worth especially when it is a market prototype containing some new and interesting features.

Gizomodo paid a King’s Ransom for it.

UPDATE: 4.20.10

Gawker, publisher of Gizmodo may be liable for civil and criminal charges in buying stolen property.

Meanwhile,  Jim at MarketSaw speculates on a bold new App that the iPhone may be one day supporting, using a special pair of glasses to deliver 3D content.  Heads up display, anyone?

UPDATE 4.28.10

The Official Verdict from Jason Calacanis who knows Gawker and Gizmodo and has a strong opinion on the case which has generated heat from the law.

iPad users whine: “Where’s my flash video content?”

I’d be happy simply being able to watch video on my iPhone Facebook page. But even if it was Flash equipped,  AT&T’s network is not up to the task of streaming video effectively.

For all the talk about Apple pushing towards a more open method of sharing video using HTML5,  Dan Rayburn reminds us:

“Apple’s decision not to support Flash on their devices is purely a business decision…”

Apple remains above the fray at NAB

All this week, I’ve been wondering what will be the next announcement from Cupertino and why aren’t they here?  I’ve enjoyed using the NAB iPhone app that lists the Exhibitors and pushes daily notices about events. Despite the din around the halls, I’m waiting for Apple to chime in.

Two things have emerged one having to do with 3D: reports on Apple’s Patent Pending ‘iSpecs’.

The other is a party they got going on at the Renaissance on Wednesday.

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