“If you are asking people to pay a premium price, you better deliver” said Jeffrey Katzenberg in his hastily arranged address to the National Association of Broadcasters at their annual convention in Las Vegas.  The consensus among blogsters is that 3D has arrived (or rather returned after a very long hiatus) thanks to the tireless efforts of Mr. Katzenberg.  But he reminded the industry that this is not necessarily a done deal.

In earlier comments, Katzenberg has been highly critical of cheap 2D to 3D conversions such as the recent release of Clash of the Titans, which took 8 to 10 weeks to quickly deliver.

Katzenberg noted that  a successful conversion done the right way may take up to 18 months and cost a minimum of $20 million. “Not everyone is going to have the resources to do it right.”

Sports and gaming will be the early drivers in the home” said Katzenberg suggesting that TV audiences are more forgiving when it comes to quality.

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